Kristin Davis Visits Horn of Africa to Raise Awareness of Food Crisis

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Kristin Davis meets Faduma Hussein Yagoub, a polio sufferer who came with her family to Dadaab. Her husband and two of her five children died en route to the camp. (Photo: Andy Hall/Oxfam). Sex and the City star Kristin Davis visited the drought-stricken Horn of Africa with Oxfam to help raise awareness of what the UN is calling the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Devastating drought has hit a wide swath of territory stretching through Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, prompting Oxfam to launch its largest appeal ever for emergency aid to Africa. The group estimates that they need $80 million immediately to help provide emergency food, clean water and sanitation...

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Kristin Davis sobs at refugee crisis

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SEX And The City star Kristin Davis was left choked up during an emotional interview about her time at a stricken refugee camp in Kenya. The 46-year-old, best known for her role as Charlotte York Goldenblatt in the US show, unsuccessfully tried to stop herself from sobbing as she spoke about her trip as an Oxfam ambassador. Speaking to BBC Breakfast’s Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams this morning the actress dabbed her eyes as she described her journey to the Dadaab refugee camp where some 380,000 are sheltered after fleeing drought in neighbouring Somalia. The star had been travelling in Tanzania with Oxfam at the weekend but decided to visit the Dadaab camp after...

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Kristin’s myView on Dadaab

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  I FEEL shocked to see what these people have gone through.   I met women in Dadaab who walked for 20 days through the desert, with children dying on the way, only to arrive at a camp where there is hardly any food and water to go around.   One told me when she got there, the camp was full so she joined what it called the “newcomers” who collect outside the camp. There is no water, no food, no shelter. Another woman at the camp couldn’t walk so came from Somalia on a cart with a donkey.   She started the journey with five children, now she has three.   Her husband was killed along the way and they took everything she...

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The drought in East Africa is the worst in 60 years.

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We haven’t lost a child for 12 days but the starving and the sick keep pouring in Says charity Doctor From BEN JACKSON Environment Editor, in Dadaab, Kenya   ONE-year-old Abdinur Bare lies in the hospital bed by the door. How she will leave it, at this moment, no one knows. Her grandmother Hawa, 40, watches the child cling to life with eyes that fail to hide her turmoil. Across the hallway they are busily caring for 60 starving children in two intensive care wards. The drought in East Africa is the worst in 60 years. More than 10million people are now thought to be affected, across Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. As the three-hourly “therapeutic...

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