Kristin’s myView on Dadaab

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I FEEL shocked to see what these people have gone through.


I met women in Dadaab who walked for 20 days through the desert, with children dying on the way, only to arrive at a camp where there is hardly any food and water to go around.


One told me when she got there, the camp was full so she joined what it called the “newcomers” who collect outside the camp. There is no water, no food, no shelter. Another woman at the camp couldn’t walk so came from Somalia on a cart with a donkey.


She started the journey with five children, now she has three.


Her husband was killed along the way and they took everything she owned.


We must not allow this to happen in this day and age.


Anything you can give will help people who have absolutely nothing. Literally anything can help.


They have nothing – so even a pound will help. It’s shocking.


I’m exceptionally lucky and live a blessed life. But when you go somewhere like this camp it is hard to believe it is 2011 and that people are living like this.

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